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CCB’s NPL Rate Drops to 1.52%

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China Construction Bank’s 2016 annual report indicates a slight uptick in net profits as well as a marginal decrease in non-performing loans.

According to the report CCB’s net profits were 232.389 billion yuan while net profits attributable to shareholders were 231.460 billion yuan, for year-on-year gains of 1.53% and 1.45% respectively.

The bank’s total assets were 20.96 trillion yuan as of the end of 2016, for an increase of 2.61 trillion yuan or 14.25% compared to the preceding year.

The total amount of customer loans was 11.76 trillion yuan, increasing by 12.13% year-on-year, while total debts were 19.37 trillion yuan, rising by 14.61%.

In terms of asset quality CCB managed to shave down non-performing loans, the balance for which fell by 40.01 billion yuan to 178.69 billion yuan. The non-performing loan rate is 1.52%, for a decline of 0.06 percentage points compared to the previous year.

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