Shanghai Tops List of Minimum Wages in China by Province

The latest official data indicates that the coastal financial hub of Shanghai provides the highest minimum wage in China when broken down by province-level administrative entity.

Data released by China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security indicates that as of September Shanghai’s minimum wage of 2,420 yuan (approx. USD$350)/ month was the highest in China.

Five other province-level administrative entities in China were host to minimum wages above the 2,000 yuan threshold, including Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

The island province of Hainan came in last with a monthly minimum wage of 1,430 yuan.


Minimum wages in China by province-level administrative entity as of September 2018

Province-level administrative entity First grade inimum wage per month in yuan
Shanghai 2420
Beijing 2120
Guangdong 2100
Tianjin 2050
Jiangsu 2020
Zhejiang 2010
Shandong 1910
Xinjiang 1820
Sichuan 1780
Jilin 1780
Inner Mongolia 1760
Hubei 1750
Henan 1720
Shanxi 1700
Fujian 1700
Guangxi 1680
Heilongjiang 1680
Jiangxi 1680
Shaanxi 1680
Guizhou 1680
Yunnan 1670
Ningxia 1660
Hebei 1650
Tibet 1650
Gansu 1620
Liaoning 1620
Hunan 1580
Anhui 1520
Qinghai 1500
Chongqing 1500
Hainan 1430


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