Bank of Tianjin’s First Half Revenues Rise 48.6% YoY

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Hong Kong-listed regional lender Bank of Tianjin has seen a sharp rise in its first half earnings.

The northern Chinese bank’s mid-year report indicates that its first half operating revenues were 8.855 billion yuan, for a YoY surge 48.6%.

Pre-provision profits were 6.94 billion yuan, for a rise of 58.3% compared to the first half of 2018, while net profits were 3.143 billion yuan, for a YoY rise of 9.7%.

Average return on assets for the period was 0.95%, while the average return on equity was 12.91%, for increases of 0.11 percentage points and 0.29 percentage points respectively compared to the first half of 2018.

As of the end of June Bank of Tianjin’s capital adequacy ratio was 14.69%, for a rise of 0.16 percentage points compared to the end of last year.

The tier-1 capital ratio was 10.06%, for an increase of 0.22 percentage points compared to the end of last year, while the core tier-1 capital ratio was 10.05%, for a similar rise of 0.22 percentage points.

Asset quality held steady, with Bank of Tianjin’s non-performing loan balance standing at 5.44 billion yuan as of the end of June, for an increase of 710 million yuan compared to the end of 2018, and an NPL ratio of 1.72%, for a rise of 0.08 percentage points.

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