Domestic Brands Account for 90% of Smart Phones Shipped in China in 2019

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A new report points to the dominance of China’s own home-grown brands on the country’s smart phone market.

The “2019 December and Full Year Smart Phone Market Report” (2019年12月及全年智能手机市场报告) released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) on 9 January indicates that a total of 389 million smart phone units were shipped in 2019, for a YoY decline of 6.2%.

A total of 352 million domestically produced phones were shipped in China in 2019, for a YoY decline of 4.9%, accounting for 90.7% of all units shipped during the period.

5G smart phones shipped in 2019 were 13.77 million in total, while 2G phones accounted for 16.131 million units, 3G phones 58,000 units, and 4G phones 359 million units.

A total of 30.444 million smart phone units were shipped in China in the month of December for a YoY decline of 14.7%. These units included 1.461 million 2G phones, 23.57 million 4G phones and 5.414 million 5G phones.

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