Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Wang Qishan Reiterates Commitment to Economic Opening, Says China’s Market Will Become “the World’s Market”

Chinese vice-president Wang Qishan has reiterated China's commitment to further opening of its economy just following the execution of the world's largest...

Chinese Economy on Track to Grow 8.9% in 2021, Per Capita GDP Could Double by 2035: CITIC Securities Chief Economist

Zhu Jianfang (诸建芳), chief economist at CITIC Securities, is optimistic about China's growth prospects for 2021 following the success of efforts to...

Chinese Central Bank Undertakes 800 Billion Yuan in One-year Medium-term Lending Facility Operations on 16 November

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) undertook 800 billion yuan in one-year medium-term lending facilities (MLF) operations on Monday 16 November.

China Signs World’s Biggest Trade Deal, Encompasses 30% of Global Economy

China is one of 15 countries to have just signed the Asia-Pacific focused Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which encompasses 30% of...

Chinese Central Bank Signals Further Improvements to Cross-border and Offshore Renminbi Settlement Measures

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has signalled further measures to facilitate the internationalisation of the Chinese currency.

Zhou Xiaochuan Calls for Global Coordination to Deal with Irregular Capital Flows

The former head of the Chinese central bank has issued a call for greater international cooperation to deal with illicit cross-border financial...

Chinese Imports and Exports Hit Record High for Jan-Oct Period

Official data indicates that China's foreign trade volume hit a record high during the first ten months of 2020 despite the ongoing...

Online Payments in China Hit Fresh Record High During 2020 Double 11 Shopping Festival

Online payments processing saw surging growth during China's November 11 Shopping Festival in 2020 to hit record high levels, despite the ongoing...

China Cracks Down on Monopolistic Conduct of Online Tech Giants

China has unveiled the draft version of new anti-monopoly laws that target the immense economic power of the country's incumbent tech giants....

Chinese Central Bank Makes Net Injection of 30 Billion Yuan via 7-Day Reverse Repos

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) undertook 150 billion yuan in 7-day reverse repo operations on 11 November.

China’s Third Party Digital Lifestyle and Services Market Continues to See Rapid Growth

China's digital economy is expected to continue to see burgeoning growth in the 2020's. A...

Greater Bay Area Turns to ABCD’s of Fintech to Integrate Regional Port Operations

The Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong has launched a project to apply a range of fintech solutions to...

Latest stories

Bank of Chengdu Launches New “Cloud Converted” Data Centre, Provides AI Customer Service in Sichuanese Dialect

Sichuanese province lender Bank of Chengdu has announced the launch of a new "cloud converted" data centre."

Bank of Communications Completes First Offshore Issuance of Perpetual Bond by a Chinese Bank

Big state-owned lender Bank of Communications (BOCOM) has become the first Chinese bank to issue perpetual bonds offshore.

Liu He Sheds Light on China’s Dual Circulation Development Strategy

One of China's senior-most economic policymakers has written an essay for the People's Daily that sheds light on the goals and priorities...

International Forecasters Upbeat on Chinese GDP Growth in 2020, 2021

Leading international forecasters anticipate comparatively robust growth for the Chinese economy in 2020 amidst the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.