Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Greater Bay Area Plan Anoints Shenzhen as Regional Fintech Capital

China's new policy document for the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau highlights the role of Shenzhen as a...

Tsinghua University Launches First Fintech EMBA in Shenzhen

One of China's leading tertiary institutions has created what it's billed as the first fintech EMBA to coincide with the launch of...

Ant Financial Helps Apple Provide Chinese Consumers with Interest-free iPhone Financing

Apple Inc is working with fintech giant Ant Financial as well as Chinese banks to provide interest-free consumer financing as part of...

Bank of China Becomes First Lender to Sign up for Property Blockchain Platform in Hong Kong

One of China's leading state-owned banks will become the first lender to participate in a new blockchain platform in Hong Kong that...

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Plans to Acquire Fintech Subsidiary of Shenzhen Jinzheng Technology

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has unveiled plans to acquire a controlling stake in one of China's leading fintech concerns.’s Fintech Vehicle Embroiled in Online Privacy Scandal

The fintech subsidiary of one of China's leading online companies has become embroiled in a scandal involving the private images of users....

Over 380 Online Lending Platforms under Investigation by Chinese Authorities, 62 Suspects Extradited

Chinese authorities have placed over 380 online lending platforms under investigation for criminal financial activities.

Tencent’s Surging Fintech Growth Driven by Online Wealth Management

Online wealth management has emerged as a mainstay fintech operation for one of China's leading tech giants.

Returns on P2P Loans Set to Weaken as Chinese Regulators Step up Pressure

Average returns on peer-to-peer loans in China are expected to remain weak as Beijing continues to crack down on internet lending.

Shanghai Launches Blockchain Research Centre at Fudan University

Shanghai has seen the launch of a new blockchain research institute at one of China's leading tertiary institutions.

Chinese Fintech App Downloads Breach 100 Billion, Exceed E-commerce Apps

Fintech apps have emerged as one of the most downloaded apps on the Chinese market ahead of e-commerce apps.

Ant Financial Acquires Full Ownership of British Payments Company WorldFirst

Chinese fintech giant Ant Financial has acquired full ownership of London-based cross-border payments company WorldFirst.

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Chinese Central Bank Helps Crack Cross-border Gambling Case Involving Tether Stablecoin

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has just helped local authorities in the Guangdong province city of Huizhou to crack a cross-border...

Chinese Central Bank’s Digital Currency Research Institute Enters Strategic Cooperation with China’s Rural Credit Clearing Centre

The Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) has entered a strategic cooperative agreement with the Rural Credit...

Chinese Housing Prices Enter the “10,000 Yuan Era”

Domestic analysts say that the Chinese housing market has just seen average prices rise permanently above the threshold of 10,000 yuan (approx....

NDRC Is “Confident” Chinese Economy Will Meet Annual Targets for 2020, Says Employment Has Risen Nearly 9M Since Start of Year

China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) says it is confident that the Chinese economy will satisfy the full-year targets set by...