Friday, October 30, 2020
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Tag: Beijing fintech

Beijing’s Establishment of Fintech Risk Control Centre Elevates Financial Risk to Level of National Security: CASS

The Chinese central government has unveiled plans to create a fintech risk control centre in Beijing, highlighting greater concern with financial risk...

Beijing Cements Status of Tongzhou Sub-centre as International Financial Hub, Site of Digital RMB Trials

The Chinese capital of Beijing has unveiled a new plan to shore up its municipal sub-centre of Tongzhou as an international hub...

Beijing to Launch Capital Markets Fintech Laboratory

Beijing plans to launch a new fintech laboratory that focuses in particular upon technologies in relation to capital markets.

Beijing Releases 2020 – 2022 Blockchain Development Plan in Search of “Commanding Heights” of Industry

Beijing has released a new industry development plan to drive the growth of the regional fintech sector.

Beijing Fintech Industry League Establishes Specialist Regtech Committee

The peak body for the fintech sector in Beijing has just announced the launch of its own specialist regtech committee.

PBOC Announces Approval and Registration of Beijing Fintech Sandbox’s First Round of Applicants

The Chinese central bank has announced the registration of the first round of participants in the Beijing Fintech Innovation Regulatory Trials (北京金融科技创新监管试点)....

First Batch of Trial Applications for Beijing’s Fintech Sandbox Revealed

The Chinese central bank has unveiled the debut set of fintech innovation regulatory trial applications for Beijing's new fintech sandbox.

Beijng’s Xicheng District Allocates 150M Yuan to Fintech Sector Support

The Beijing district of Xicheng has flagged further support for the development of its local fintech sector in 2020.

Chinese Central Bank Convenes Meeting on Beijing Fintech Innovation Regulatory Trials

The business regulation department for the People's Bank of China (PBOC) recently convened a meeting for the launch of fintech innovation regulatory...

Beijing Tops List of Global Fintech Hubs

Beijing has topped a new list of the world's top fintech hubs released by leading research institutes in Zhejiang province.

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Anhui Province Undertakes Trial Scheme for SME Emergency Loans to Enteprises Affected by COVID-19 and Flooding

The inland Chinese province of Anhui has announced the start of a trial scheme for the provision of emergency loans to local...

ByteDance Establishes Artificial Intelligence Subsidiary in Fujian Province

ByteDance, the company behind social media giant TikTok, has just established a tech subsidiary in Fujian province whose business scope includes artificial...

Alibaba Unveils Plan for Greater Digitisation of Cross-border Trade

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has unveiled an ambitious new plans to support the use of e-commerce by small businesses.

Lending to Private Enterprise Increases 5.4 Trillion Yuan During Jan – Sep Period: CBIRC

The latest data from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) points to a sizeable increase in lending to private enterprises...