Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Tags Chinese blockchain technology

Tag: Chinese blockchain technology

Bank of China Commits to Development of New Blockchain Applications

A senior tech executive from one of China's big state-owned banks has stressed the lender's commitment to the development and application of...

China’s First On-Chain Digital Renminbi Salaries Paid to Workers in Xiong’an New District

Xiong'an New District in Hebei province has just debuted the use of the Digital Renminbi to make salary payments via a local...

China Uses Blockchain Technology to Shore up Copyright Protections for Digital Works

Blockchain technology is being used in China for the purpose of securing protections on registered copyrights for digital works.

Chongqing Launches Its First Regional Blockchain Standards

The central Chinese mega-city of Chongqing has just launched its first set of blockchain standards for use by regional industry.

China Still Lags in Independent Blockchain Technology: Ex-Bank of China Head

The former head of one of China's big six state-owned banks has lamented the country's lack of competitiveness in the area of...

Tencent Cloud Launches Two New Blockchain Platform Products

The cloud computing subsidiary of Chinese tech giant Tencent has just announced the launch of two new blockchain platforms amidst efforts to...

Shanghai Launches Initiative to Explore Blockchain Applications to Finance and Construction

A new initiative in Shanghai will seek to better explore the application of blockchain technologies to the finance and construction sectors.

Blockchain Technology Features Prominently in Mid-year Reports of Big Chinese Banks

Blockchain technology has emerged as a major presence in the 2020 mid-year reports of several of China's big state-owned banks.

Tencent Enters New Agreement with Shenzhen Tax Department for In-depth Blockchain Applications

Tech giant Tencent has entered a new agreement with the tax authorities of Shenzhen to further advance collaboration in the area of...

China Banking Association Confirms Use of Blockchain for Third Party E-Correspondence Financial Services Platform

The peak body for the Chinese banking sector has confirmed that blockchain technology will be used for its e-correspondence financial services platform....

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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Launches Six Month Crackdown on China’s Internet Sector

The Chinese central government has launched a far-reaching six month crackdown on China's massive online economy, in the wake of aggressive action...

China’s Smaller Banks Achieve Breakthroughs in Fintech Adoption: KPMG

Research from international consultancy KPMG highlights rapid growth in the adoption of fintech by Chinese banks at the smaller end of the...

China’s Cloud Computing Market Grew over 56% in 2020: CAICT White Paper

A new white paper on China's cloud computing sector from one of the country's leading science and technology think tanks indicates that...

Bank of Communications Grabs Approval for $9.22 Billion Tier-2 Capital Bond Issue

One of China's big state-owned banks had cinched approval for a new issue of bonds to shore up its capital levels.