Hua Xia Bank Touts Integrated Business Model


At a recent banking summit on capital markets held by Hua Xia Bank in Beijing, the joint-stocklender promoted a new integrated service plan for listed companies encompassing investment, financing, advisory and credit-related services.

According to Chinese media reports the chief advantage of Hua Xia’s latest financial services plan is its ability to provide enterprises with comprehensive financial services and specialist support when it comes to capital market operations.

Hua Xia Bank said that it will engage in the in-depth research of the financing needs of listed companies based corporate strategic growth targets and financial demand in relation to endogenous corporate growth and external expansion, to provide a full suit of financial services in relation to “investment, finance, advice and credit.”

These services will include strategic corporate takeovers and restructuring, searching and selecting takeover targets, designing takeover plans, conducting due diligence and valuation of takeover targets, and the injection of assets into listed companies.