National Bureau of Statistics Expects China’s GDP to Meet 6.5% Growth Target


The head of the National Bureau of Statistics says China’s GDP growth is on track to satisfy the annual growth target set by the central government for 2017.

Ning Jizhe, the head of the NBS and vice-chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at a press conference held on 10 October that it would not be “any problem” for China’s economy to achieve the 6.5% growth target set for this year, and that the country’s actual economic performance could surpass forecasts.

Ning said that the current economic trend of “improvement amidst stability” remains unchanged, and that this year the employment outlook has been very good, while goods prices have fallen below forecasts.

“Looking at this indices from a comprehensive perspective, the ability and conditions to meet key economic growth indices this year are in place,” said Ning.

Earlier this year in July both Citibank and the China Academy of Social Sciences forecast 2017 GDP growth for China of 6.8%, while the IMF adjusted its annual forecast in June to 6.7% from 6.6%.