China to Establish Standardised Assessment System for Artificial Intelligence


Beijing hopes to spur the development of its artificial intelligence sector via the establishment of a standardised assessment system.

Economic Information Daily reports that the Chinese government is accelerating the establishment of an AI standardised assessment system, which in its opening phase will focus on the grading of AI as its applied to online platforms, as well as AI products such as AI sound systems, AI customer service and AI wearables.

The system will involve the establishment of assessment and measurement indices to provide a “scientific and effective appraisal basis for sector development.”

“Two weeks ago we arranged for several dozen industry leaders including Tencent, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Linglong Tech, Lenovo and China Unicom to jointly participate in an AI sound system assessment and measurement symposium, formally launching the AI sound system AI grading assessment project,” said Cao Feng, an AI engineer at the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

The project will permit the assessment of AI capabilities across a range of applications and functions, such as sensing capability and interactivity, as well as sensitivity, accuracy, and voice understanding.

“The reason that we are establishing an AI grading assessment system is to provide fair and objective assessment of the myriad types of AI products on the market with different capabilities…to help the industry establish a benchmark for products and services, and provide users with a reliable reference basis,” said Cao.

The Chinese government has given strong support to the development of the AI sector, releasing the “Internet + AI Three Year Action Implementation Plan” in May of last year, which aims for the establishment of basic AI resources and an AI industry system by 2018, alongside an innovation service system and standardisation system.