China’s Vice-Premier Praises Globalisation and Opening Before Audience of Multi-national Execs


Chinese vice-premier Wang Yang told an audience of multinational executives that China will continue to open up its economy, as well as improve the transparency and regulation of the financial system.

Addressing an audience of corporate executives from 152 of the world’s biggest  companies at the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou on Wednesday, Wang praised the impact of globalisation upon the international economy, and reiterated China’s commitment to greater opening.

“Globalisation is facing challenges of rising protectionism and unilaterialism nowadays, but globalisation has been the most important driver for global economic growth in the previous decades…we should continue pushing for convenient and free trade,” said Wang, as cited by the South China Morning Post.

“The revolution in the tech and industry fields, the digital and shared economy, is reshaping the global economy.

“China’s future will be innovation driven…as long s we break the barriers in the system, we will unlock enormous potential.”

While absent from the event itself, President Xi Jinping sent attendees a greeting letter which emphasised China’s commitment to opening of its economy and welcomed foreign investment.