Chinese Trade Minister Commits to Improved Market Access for Foreign Investors


In an article published by the Chinese Communist Party’s leading theoretical journal, trade minister Zhong Shan has pledged to improving conditions for foreign investors hoping to gain access to China’s domestic market.

Zhong wrote that the Chinese government would “raise the level of use of foreign investment,” as well as facilitate the entry of foreign firms by protecting their legitimate rights and establishing a “fair, transparent and predictable business environment.”

Zhong said that China would “fully become a strong business and trade country before 2050,” and that there would be no setback or stagnation to Beijing’s reform and opening up agenda.

The essay by China’s trade minister follows a flurry of remarks made by leading politicians and officials in the wake of the 19th National CCP Congress on the need further dilate the openness of the Chinese economy.

China’s foreign exchange chief said in October that opening up of the finance sector was a “strategic imperative,” while in December vice-premier Wang Yang extolled the virtues of opening up and globalisation before an audience of international executives.