China Lures High End Talent with 10-Year Visas


China is seeking to burnish its appeal the world’s leading talent with the introduction of new long-term visas.

Chinese state-media reports that the new five and 10 year multi-entry visas will be available for tech leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists working in key, high-demand sectors.

The visas will allow holders to remain in China for periods of up to 180 days at a time, as well as bring their partners and children in tow.

Experts aspiring to work in China can apply for the visas via the government’s online website free of charge.

The Chinese government recently announced that it would import as many as 50,000 foreign experts as part of efforts to achieve its economic and social development goals.

In order to expedite this process Beijing introduced a ranking system for expatriates in 2016, outlining different grades of skilled overseas personnel.

“High-end foreign talent” as categorised by official Chinese documents includes Nobel laureates, Olympic athletes, top scientists, the heads of leading financial institutions and professors from prestigious overseas universities.