China’s January PMI Slips to 51.3, Above Threshold for 18th Consecutive Month


The latest data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics indicates that the country’s purchasing managers index remained above the 50 point threshold for the 18th consecutive month in January.

China’s official PMI reading for January 2018 is 51.3, for an on-month decline of 0.3 points, and no year-on-year change.

The reading for large-scale enterprises was 52.6, for an on-month decline of 0.4 points, while for medium-scale enterprises it was 50.1, for a decline of 0.3 points.

Small-scale enterprises posted a PMI of 48.5, for an on-month decline of 0.2 points.

Out of the constituent indices of China’s PMI, the production index was 53.3, for an on-month decline of 0.5 points, the new orders index was 52.6, for slip of 0.8 points, the raw materials inventory index was 48.8, for a rise of 0.8 points, while the employee index was 48.3, for a decline of 0.2 points.

China’s non-manufacturing business activity index (非制造业商务活动指数) for January was 55.3, for an on-month increase of 0.3 points.

The services sector business activity index was 54.4, for an on-month rise of 1.0 points, while the construction sector business activity index was 60.5, for an on-month fall of 3.4 points.