China Must Attract Talent to Drive Innovation and Growth: Xi Jinping


President Xi Jinping has emphasised the need for reforms that will make China more appealing to the top-flight human talent that can drive economic innovation and growth.

During a speech made before the Guangdong province delegation to the 13th National People’s Congress in Beijing, Xi said that “human talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first driver.”

“If we do not walk the path if innovation…it will not be possible for China to truly become greater. Strength depends upon innovation and innovation depends upon human talent.

“Scientific and technological innovation is the pillar for establishing a modernised industrial system. We must cast our eye upon the needs of national strategy, actively undertake vital state scientific and technological projects, attract top-flight scientific and technological talent from at home and abroad, and rear more innovative enterprises that possess sovereign intellectual property rights and core competitiveness.”

Xi remarks at the Two Sessions arrive just following the introduction of new visa rules designed to make it easier for leading STEM experts to pursue work in China’s key R&D hubs such as Beijing.