Securities Regulator Calls for Further Opening of Chinese Capital Markets


The securities regulator has called for further liberalisation of capital markets in the 40th year of China’s reform and opening era.

Liu Shiyu (刘士余), head of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, convened a meeting of the authority’s party committee on the afternoon of 3 March, to outline requirements for the securities regulatory system in light of recent meetings of the Central Comprehensively Deepening Reforms Commission and the Central Financial and Economic Affairs Commission.

The meeting said that China has entered a “new era for capital market reform and opening,” and called for the “strengthening of overall plans for the reform and opening of capital markets, the upholding of marketisation, the rule of law and internationalisation; and employing stronger and more substantial methods to deepen reforms and expand external opening in key areas, and use authentic reform measures to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening.”

The meeting discussed and approved opinions for the establishment of a Shanghai financial law court, the standardisation of financial institution asset management operations, and the strengthening of regulation governing the investment of non-financial enterprises in financial institutions.

The securities regulator also pointed to the need to “make structural deleveraging the fundamental thought path, place greater emphasis upon the prevention and dissolution of capital market risk, appropriately dispose of various forms of hidden risk hazards, and fully preserve the healthy functioning of capital markets.”