Zhou Xiaochuan Becomes China’s Chief Representative to Boao Forum


Former head of the People’s Bank of China Zhou Xiaochuan has been appointed to the position of China’s chief representative to the Boao Forum for Asia.

Zhou, who headed the Chinese central bank for over fifteen years, was nominated to the position by Zhou Wenzhong (周文重), chief secretary of the Boao Forum, and will be replacing outgoing representative Zeng Peiyan (曾培炎).

According to the Boao Forum’s constitution China’s chief representative is also automatically appointed to the position of vice-chairman of its board of directors.

Zhou Wenzhong  himself is slated to be replaced by in the role of vice-chair by Li Baodong (李保东) China’s current vice foreign minister.

Officially founded in February 2001, the Boao Forum for Asia is often billed as the Asian Davos, deriving its name from the town in Hainan province which has served as its permanent meeting place ever since its first conference in April 2002.

Yang Xiyu (杨希雨), executive vice-head of the Boao Forum’s research institute, said to Caijing that Zhou Xiaochuan would help the forum to drive globalisation and Asian economic integration, as a specialist official who possesses both academic knowledge and an international perspective.