Lenovo Under Fire for Alleged Opposition to China’s Domestic Operating Systems


Tech giant Lenovo has been forced to defend itself against allegations that it opposed the pre-installation of domestically developed operating systems onto personal computers.

Rumours recently spread that Lenovo voted against the pre-installation of domestic operating systems onto personal computers at a meeting conducted by China’s government procurement centre.

Lenovo has reportedly accounted for around 60% of PC’s purchased by the Chinese government over the past several years.

In its official rebuttal to the accusations Lenovo declared that would “always support the development of domestic operating systems” and “strongly reproached false rumours.”

“The so-called domestic operating system voting incident refers to the 2018 mass computer procurement suppliers meeting recently convened by the central government procurement centre.

“At the meeting, the procurement centre solicited opinions from suppliers on plans to use both Windows and a domestically produced Linux system on computers.

“Lenovo recommended a plan under which only domestically produced Linux systems would be used, for both desk-top and laptop machines. This recommendation was adopted by the procurement centre and submitted to the higher-level authorities for approval.

“The Lenovo Group has, does and always will support the development of domestic operating systems.

“Online reports that Lenovo does not support domestic operating systems take quotes out of context, and are pure rumour-mongering and slander.

“We express intense indignation and reproach of these rumours, and at the same time we are collecting evidence and retaining the right to pursue legal liability.”

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