Renmin University Establishes “Blockchain Fintech Lab” with Xiaoniu88


One of China’s top universities is launching a “blockchain fintech lab” in conjunction with a leading online fintech platform.

Xiaoniu Capital (小牛资本), the parent company of, has executed an agreement with the Fintech and Online Security Research Center (金融科技与互联网安全研究中心) of Renmin University for the establishment of a “Blockchain Fintech Laboratory” (区块链金融科技实验室).

Under the agreement the two parties will “utilise their respective professional strengths to jointly advance cooperation in the areas of fintech and explore fintech innovation models.”

The laboratory will fully employ the research center’s resources and research capabilities to provide Xiaoniu Capital with strategies and “think-tank support” for fintech innovation and development as well as security issues.

Xiaoniu Capital said that it would use its experience in the field of fintech to advance “conversion and deployment” of fintech research conducted by rennin University.

The two parties signed the agreement at the “New Era China Financial Market Infrastructure Legal System Establishment Forum” (新时代中国金融市场基础设施法制体系建设论坛) held in Beijing on 28 June.

At the forum Yang Dong (杨东), vice-chancellor of Renmin University of China and vice-head of the China Law Society Securities Law Research Association, said that securities markets would likely be the first area impacted by fintech innovations within the context of ongoing digitisation.

Renmin University’s  Fintech and Online Security Research Center is one of the first research institutions in China dedicated to fintech innovations, bringing together a multitude of budding experts in the areas including big data and blockchains.

The Center bills itself as a “high-level, professionalised fintech and innovation think tank that supports industry development.”

Xiaoniu Capital is one of China’s leading fintech firms, with experience in the five core areas of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchains, information security and financial regulation.

The company has obtained a series of patents for new products and technologies, as well as cooperated with a number of local governments in China on fintech projects.

Xiaoniu Capital’s Niudingfeng Fintech (牛鼎丰科技) focuses on the recruitment of big data and AI research experts from the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and has entered a cooperative plan with Shenzhen University and other tertiary institutions to establish training bases and develop research talent.