China Needs 1.5 Million More Big Data Professionals


China suffers from a shortfall in big data professionals of more than a million according to a new study from one of the country’s leading universities.

The “Digitization Transition of the Chinese Economy: Talent and Employment” (中国经济的数字化转型:人才与就业) report from Tsinghua University points to a shortage of big data professionals in China of 1.5 million at present, and estimates that this figure could rise to as high as 2 million by 2025.

Intensifying demand for big data experts is prompting local governments around China to launch policies for the cultivation of talent, while the province-level administrative entity of Chongqing recently held China’s first National Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Scientific Conference (全国大数据与人工智能科学大会) from 6 – 7 July.

“In the internet age, big data and artificial intelligence technologies can be widely applied to areas including transportation, healthcare, education and industry,” said Zhang Pingwen (张平文), a professor from Peking University and a fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to Chongqing Daily at the sidelines of the conference

Tertiary institutions around Chongqing are currently accelerating the establishment of faculties for the development of experts in the field of big data and other emerging technologies.

Chongqing University and online giant Alibaba recently signed an agreement to launch an “Alibaba Academy” that will focus on training experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data, while Chongqing Engineering University has also teamed up with renowned companies to establish an artificial intelligence academy.

Other tertiary institutions such as Chongqing City Management College and Chongqing Real Estate College have established their own big data academies in conjunction with the business sector.