Beijing Unveils New Guidelines for Development of China’s Industrial Internet


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is driving the development of the industrial internet in China with the release of new guidance measures.

MIIT recently issued the “Industrial Internet Platform Establishment and Promotion Guidelines” (工业互联网平台建设及推广指南) in tandem with the “Industrial Internet Platform Assessment Methods” (工业互联网平台评价方法).

The Guidelines propose the establishment of around 10 “cross-industry and cross-sector industrial internet platforms” by the end of the decade, as well as the establishment of a “set of enterprise-level industrial internet platforms that are directed at specific sectors and specific regions.”

The Assessment Methods state that the key points for assessment of industrial internet platforms should include the five key categories of:

i) Ability of platform foundations to be shared;

ii) Ability to service specific sectors;

iii) Ability to service specific spheres;

iv) Ability to service specific regions; and

v) Ability to provide cross-sector, cross-sphere services.

MIIT vice-minister Chen Zhaoxiong (陈肇雄) said in a speech delivered at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on 21 July that China’s industrial internet had “huge development potential and vast prospects,” and called for “accelerating efforts to drive the innovative development of the industrial internet.”

According to a report from state-owned media China’s industrial internet is entering a rapid growth phase, with a million enterprises connecting to the cloud already, and a further 300,000 expected to join them within the next three years.

Guojin Securities sees the industrial internet sector enjoying growth of at least 20% and a gradual increase in the market share of domestic enterprises, as Beijing advances its “Smart Manufacturing 2025” policy.