Top Chinese Think Tank Enters Exclusive Fintech Agreement with Seven Stars Cloud


China Venture Capital Research Institute (CVCRI) is teaming up with a leading AI and blockchain-focused fintech company to work on the production and distribution of digital assets in the Chinese financial market.

NASDAQ-listed Seven Stars Cloud Group (SSC) has entered an exclusive agreement with CVCRI that will involve the provision of a range of asset classes and fintech services to financial markets both within and outside of China.

According to an official press release CVCRI will work on an exclusive basis with SSC, gaining access to its full value chain of proprietary technological platforms, fintech innovations and asset digitisation services.

These technologies include the Velocity Ledger – a blockchain-enabled security token issuance and secondary trading platform, and Plutos, Big Business Data’s dynamic ontology-based AI engine.

The agreement will see the use of fractionalisation and securitisation to create new fixed income classes that are exclusive to SSC, and can be traded on state-approved exchanges within China.

These asset classes, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s) and Asset-backed Securities (ABS) will also undergo tokenisation and be traded on digital asset exchanges outside of China.

Guangzhou-headquartered CVCRI was founded in July 2003 and enjoys the status of a National Think Tank in China, having undertaken research and market trials as commissioned by government authorities at both the national and local levels.