Sanya University Teams up with Saxo Bank to Launch Fintech Academy


Sanya University in Hainan Province has announced the launch of a new fintech academy in collaboration with Denmark’s Saxo Bank.

The Saxo Fintech Business School (盛宝金融科技商学院) hopes to position itself as a leading provider of fintech education, as well as “strive to cultivate and train fintech talent that meets the demands of Chinese and global financial enterprises.”

The launch of the school will enjoy the full support of Chinese automobile manufacturer Geely, which entered a cooperative partnership with Saxo Bank in the fintech sphere last year.

Leading experts on monetary policy and technology from the People’s Bank of China will occupy executive positions at the school, while Saxo Bank will also provide its own experts in economics, finance and computing to serve as teachers.

The school will recruit its first group of students in September of 2018.

The establishment of the school follows the unveiling of plans by the central government to convert Hainan province into a free trade zone, as well as a regional for shipping and sports gambling.