28 Chinese Provinces Release GDP Figures for H1 2018, 15 Outpace National Growth Rate


28 of China’s 31 province-level administrative entities have released their GDP figures for the first half of 2018 to reveal that Guangdong is China’s largest regional economy while Guizhou province has seen the most rapid growth.

Guangdong province’s first half GDP reading of 4.634193 trillion yuan put it first out of the 28 provinces that have released data, followed by Jiangsu province in second place, with a figure of 4.48635 trillion yuan.

Shandong came in third place, followed by Zhejiang in fourth, Henan in fifth, Sichuan sixth, Hubei seventh, Hebei eighth, Hunan ninth and Shanghai tenth.

15 of the 28 Chinese province-level entities that have released first half GDP figures outpaced the nationwide growth rate of 6.8%, while two (Shanxi and Beijing) were on par.

Guizhou saw the most rapid GDP growth with an increase of 10%, making it the sole Chinese province to see double digit expansion in the first half.

Yunnan took second place at 9.2%, while Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Anhui, Fujian and Sichuan all posted growth in excess of 8%.

Jilin, Xinjiang and Tibet have yet to release their GDP data for the first half of 2018.