Chinese Communist Party Launches Blockchain Primer for Leadership Cadres


The flagship newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has published a guide to blockchain technology for its leadership cadres.

The People’s Daily has announced the launch of the “Blockchain – Leadership Cadre Reader” (区块链——领导干部读本) with the goal of “helping leadership cadres at all levels to understand the blockchain.”

The Reader “provides systematic explanation and thorough interpretation of the blockchain with a focus on the blockchain’s origins, core special traits, and potential future applications, as well as from the multiple perspectives of the commercial, legal and technological challenges involved.”

The publication of the People’s Daily’s blockchain reader follows the release of its “Artificial Intelligence – Leadership Cadre Reader” and the “Digital China – Leadership Cadre Reader,” forming a series of works on new technologies that cater specifically to CCP cadres.

“The greatest significance of blockchain technology at present lies in its application mechanisms,” writes Ye Zhenzhen (叶蓁蓁), vice-president of the People Daily website.

Ye called for members of industry to “continue to use a development perspective to view blockchain technology, use a scientific perspective to view blockchain labelling, use a strategic perspective to view the blockchain industry, use a calm perspective to view blockchain commercial opportunities, drive the ongoing healthy development of the blockchain industry, and expedite improvements to the lives of the people using blockchain technology.”

The Primer includes essays by leading members of China’s finance and tech sectors, including Zhang Shousheng (张首晟), founder and director of Danhua Capital; Duan Yongchao (段永朝), chief strategic officer of SEEC Media Group, and Zhang Xuguang (张旭光), head of the Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association (浙江省科技创新创业促进会).