Chinese Fintech Companies Raised over $100 Million in Funds Last Week


Chinese companies accounted for the vast majority of fund-raising in the global fintech sector last week according to figures from Lingyi Data (零壹数据).

During the week from 6 to 12 August the global fintech sector saw a total of 33 publicly disclosed fundraisings involving a total of approximately 1.88 billion yuan (approx. USD$271 million).

China accounted for 21 of these fundraisings, for a total sum of around 704 million yuan (approx. $102 million), while India, the UK and the US were each host to three fundraisings, worth 510 million yuan, 490 million yuan and 150 million yuan respectively, Singapore laid claim to one.

15 of the fundraisings involved blockchain companies or projects, for a total financing sum of around 200 million yuan.