Big Data and Blockchain Lab for Sports Sciences Opens at Peking University


China is seeing the use of blockchains across a broader range of areas, with the launch of a new laboratory at one of the country’s leading universities that seeks to apply to the technology to the field of sports science.

The China Physical Education Big Data and Blockchain Laboratory (中国体育大数据与区块链实验室) has just opened at the campus of Peking University

The laboratory is joint initiative led by several key institutions including the Beijing Institute of Big Data Research, Cinda Chuangrong (信达融创), CEC Fund and FLAMECHINA (亮中国).

According to an official press release the goal of the lab is to “advance the in-depth integration of big data, blockchains and other information technologies with the physical education sector, and use big data and blockchains to expedite a model shift and upgrade in physical education undertakings.”

The lab focuses on sports-related big data, serving as a specialist think tank for big data and blockchain experts in the field of sports science.

The lab’s founders also view it as a horizontal research and exchange platform for experts in the fields of sports science and big data, that will be capable of providing technical consulting and policy support services to government, scientific research bodies and enterprises.

While China launched a crackdown on cryptocurrency financing and initial coin offerings (ICO’s) nearly a year ago, the central government has remained continually upbeat about the economic and applications potential of blockchain technology.

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