WeChat Continues to Shut Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Social Media Accounts


WeChat has continued to shut accounts related to blockchain technology according to domestic media reports.

Beijing News reports that a four more blockchain-related WeChat accounts have been shut, including those for Dianbicheng(点币成), Qukuailian Wangzi (区块链王子) Quliankuai Diyige (区块链第一哥) and A’fanti (阿凡提)

The move arrives a preceding round of WeChat account closures by Tencent as well as similar measures by other Chinese tech giants including Alibaba and Baidu, as the Chinese banking regulator steps up its crackdown on cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related financial activity.

Ant Financial’s Alipay has announced the launch of measures including the “firm adoption of handling measures including restriction of fund acceptance functions or even permanent restriction with respect to individual accounts suspected of cryptocurrency transactions.”

Baidu Tieba, which is China’s largest communications platform, has also shut  cryptocurrency related forums such as “Virtual Currency Bar” (虚拟货币吧) and “Digital Currency Bar” (数字货币吧), with attempts to access the forums producing an apology message announcing that “this bar is temporarily out of operation in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies.”

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