Beijing Cracks Down on Real Estate Information Provided Online


Beijing’s housing authorities have removed all online information provided by two municipal real estate agencies amidst efforts to standardise and improve the quality of online property data.

The Beijing housing authorities recently mounted an investigation into real estate information provided via online platforms, before launching cases against several local real estate agencies including Beijing Xiaojia Lianhang (北京小家联行企业管理有限公司), Beijing Shi Boyouyuan Fangdichan Jingji Zhongxin (北京市博友园房地产经纪中心), Beijing Tiantai Zhide Fangdichan (北京天泰置地房地产经纪公司) and Beijing Huaxin Hengji Fangdichan (北京天泰置地房地产经纪公司) for the provision of property information in breach of regulations.

Because of refusal to cooperate with investigators, Beijing’s housing authorities have all also required that leading online platforms remove all property information provided by two real estate agencies – Beijing Guangsu Xinda Fangdichan (北京光速信达房地产经纪有限公司) and Beijing Beifang Xincheng Fangdichan (北京北方信诚房地产经纪有限公司).