Changsha Launches Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park


The Hunan province capital of Changsha has opened a blockchain industrial park in the eastern part of the city to foster development of the sector in central China.

The Xingsha Blockchain industrial Park (星沙区块链产业园) was launched at the end of August with the goal of creating a “globally influential, leading domestic blockchain industry hub,” according to a report from the Changsha Evening News.

An initial batch of 10 Chinese tech enterprises have already set up offices in the park, including Inspur, DHC and Tianhe Guoyun, with more than 100 other enterprises also expressing interest.

Tianhe Guoyun has already used blockchain technology to develop the Ushare (优享) “experience knowledge sharing platform,” which seeks to overturn the traditional content-creation business model and allocate more profits to authors and creators instead of publishers and promoters.

Blockchain enterprises that open offices in the park are eligible for a subsidy of up to 2 million yuan and will enjoy free usage of R&D office sites for a three year period, according to the “Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Policy on Supporting the Development of the Blockchain Sector (Trial)” (长沙经开区关于支持区块链产业发展的政策(试行)) issued at the end of June this year.

The Park plans to establish 4 specialised blockchain platforms, including the Chen Xiaohong Academician Work Station (陈晓红院士工作站), the Blockchain Research Institute, the Blockchain Security Inspection Technology Centre (区块链安全检测技术中心) and the Xiaoxiang Big Data Centre (潇湘大数据中心).

The establishment of the park follows the launch of the Yuexiu International Blockchain Industry Park (越秀国际区块链产业园) by the Guangdong province capital of Guangzhou last year.

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