25 Chinese Banks Obtain Approval for Personal Internet Loan Fund Depository Business


A total of 25 Chinese banks have obtained approval for fund depository business in relation to personal internet loans.

The National Internet Finance Association of China (中国互联网金融协会) released the “Declaration in Relation to Personal Internet Loan Fund Depository System Approval Assessment” (关于个体网络借贷资金存管系统通过测评声明) on the evening of 20 September.

NIFA has given its approval to 25 banks for personal internet loan fund depository business, including:

  1. Bank of Beijing
  2. China Minsheng Bank
  3. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
  4. Bank of Langfang
  5. XWBank (新网银行)
  6. Wuhan Zhongbang Bank
  7. China Merchants Bank
  8. China Zheshang Bank
  9. Bank of Shangrao
  10. Beijing Zhongguancun Bank
  11. Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank
  12. Pingan Bank
  13. Huaxia Bank
  14. Yibin Commercial Bank
  15. Shanghai Huarui Bank
  16. aiBank
  17. China Guangfa Bank
  18. Xiamen Bank
  19. XIamen Nongshang Bank
  20. Haikou United Rural Commercial Bank
  21. Haikou Nongshang Bank
  22. China Construction Bank
  23. Hengfeng Bank
  24. Xiamen International Bank
  25. Baoshang Bank


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