Ant Financial Announces Launch of Blockchain BaaS Platform


The world’s largest fintech company has announced the launch of a blockchain Backend as a Service (Baas) platform as part of efforts to foster development and use of the technology.

Jiang Guofei (蒋国飞), vice-president and blockchain executive at Alibaba-affiliate Ant Financial, announced the launch of the BaaS platform at the Ant Technology Exploration Conference (ATEC in Hangzhou on 20 September.

Jiang touted Ant Financial’s accomplishments in the sector since the establishment of its own blockchain team in 2016, as well as efforts to improve its in-house research expertise by drawing upon international talent.

“The background to technological advantage is Ant’s globalised human resources strategy,” said Jiang.

“Irrespective of whether it’s Bitcoin or late-comers such as Ethereum and Fabric, we see that at present the leading blockchain talent is still primarily overseas.

“Over the past year, we have introduced significant international blockchain research talent, with overseas talent accounting for over 50% of the Ant Financial blockchain team.

“In order to strengthen foundational research into blockchain technology Ant Financial has established the fintech lab at Damo Academy, which has incorporated and trained a large group of blockchain research talent to research the latest development trends in global blockchain technology, and provide a continuous driver for optimisation of the Ant Financial blockchain platform.”

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