Alibaba’s Damo Academy Unveils Blockchain Laboratory


Alibaba has established a blockchain laboratory as part of plans for its new international research institute.

The official website for the Alibaba DAMO Academy (阿里巴巴达摩院) was launched in September, outlining five major research areas including artificial intelligence, data, robotics, fintech and the X laboratory.

The academy also lists a total of 14 laboratories, one of which is a blockchain laboratory that will focus on seven key areas including:

  1. Common consensus protocols;
  2. Cryptographic security and privacy protection;
  3. Trusted execution environments;
  4. Cross-chain protocols;
  5. Smart contract language and overall security analysis;
  6. Integration of blockchain technology with the Internet of Things, and
  7. Integration of blockchain technology with secure multi-party computing.

Zhang Hui (张辉), a blockchain tech executive with Ant Financial, will serve as head of the DAMO Academy’s blockchain laboratory.

Alibaba’s CTO Zhang Jianfeng (张建锋) announced the establishment of the company’s global research academy on 11 October 2011, taking its name from a martial arts school in the works of Chinese fantasy novelist Jin Yong.