NDRC Calls for 100 Million More Chinese to Be Settled in Cities


The state planner has issued a directive calling for approximately 100 million people in China without household registration to be settled in cities.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued the “Plan for Advancing the Settlement in Cities of 100 Million People Lacking Household Registration” (推动1亿 非户籍人口在城市落户方案) on 11 October.

The directive says that the settlement of 100 million people in urban areas is a “key mission for advancing high-quality new-model urbanisation….an organic integration point for expanding domestic demand and improving the livelihood of the people [and] an intrinsic requirement for the comprehensive establishment of a well-off society that benefits a larger population.”

The NDRC will establish inspection teams with relevant departments to conduct on-the-ground inspections across the country prior to 15 November, before drafting an inspection and survey report for submission by the end of the month.