Tianfeng Securities Enters Cooperative Agreement with Artificial Intelligence Firm


Chinese brokerage Tianfeng Securities hopes to step up its fintech capabilities by striking a cooperative agreement with an artificial intelligence firm.

Tianfeng Securities signed an artificial intelligence strategic cooperative agreement with fintech company WeBot (智言科技), to engage in cooperation in the areas of natural language processing, knowledge graphs and robotics.

WeBot CEO Zhou Liuyang (周柳阳) and Tianfeng Securities vice-president Liu Xiang (刘翔) both participated in the signing.

Tianfeng said that it would unveil upgraded versions of its apps that make use of WeBot’s AI innovations, as well as apply NLP, machine learning, deep neural networks, language analysis and other advanced technologies to providing of customers with 24-7 rapid and accurate smart interactive services.

WeBot bills itself as an AI company that specialises in deep learning, knowledge graphs, smart responses and link mining technology.

The company says it uses robots, knowledge graphs and the dialogue data from a huge volume of customers to provide deep smart decision-making engines to financial enterprises.