Hankou Bank Aspires to Be China’s Leading Regional Tech Lender


Municipal commercial lender Hankou Bank (汉口银行) hopes to position itself as a leading provider of financial services to central China’s tech sector.

Speaking at the 2018 China Finance Annual Forum (2018年中国金融年度论坛) in Beijing at the start of November, Hankou Bank director Chen Xinmin (陈新民) said that the central Chinese lender hoped to establish itself as a “regional tech bank.”

Chen said that Hankou Bank would “make reference to the Silicon Valley model, [to become] a new model commercial bank that positions itself as a specialist provider of services to tech enterprises.”

Hankou Bank also hopes to “create a multi-tier tech finance ecosystem, which employs roles of the visible hand of government and the invisible hand of the market to establish a comprehensive  internet + finance + government platform.”