A-share Banks on Track to Hit 32 in Total as 11 Chinese Lenders Await Listing


The number of listed A-share banks in China is track to rise to 32 in total, with another 11 domestic lenders in the waiting line for IPO application approval.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) recently announced that as of 14 February it had suspended the IPO reviews for 21 enterprises, including two rural commercial banks – Xiamen Rural Commercial Bank (厦门农商行) and Jiangsu Kunming Rural Commercial Bank (江苏昆山农商行).

The moves leaves 11 Chinese banks in the waiting line for A-share IPO reviews, including Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank (重庆农商行), Bank of Suzhou (苏州银行), Zheshang Bank (浙商银行), Dafeng Rural Commercial Bank (大丰农商行), Shaoxing Ruifeng Rural Commercial Bank (绍兴瑞丰农商行), Bank of Xiamen (厦门银行) and Haozhou Yaodu Rural Commercial Bank (亳州药都农商行), who have currently reached the pre-disclosure update stage, alongside Bank of Chongqing (重庆银行), Hai’an Rural Commercial Bank (海安农商行) and Ma’an Shan Rural Commercial Bank (马鞍山农商行), all of which have reached the feedback stage.

China’s listed A-share lenders are already seeing a sharp increase following a spate of listings which is expected to bring their number to 32 in total.

These include the IPO’s of Bank of Qingdao (青岛银行) in January, Bank of Xi’an (西安银行), for which share purchases were conducted on 19 February, and Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank (青岛农商行), for which share purchases are scheduled on 13 March, as well as the listings of Bank of Changsha (长沙银行) and Bank of Zhengzhou (郑州银行) in the second half of 2018.