Shanghai Lixin University Teams up with New Jersey Institute of Technology to Launch Fintech Major


Two leading tertiary institutions in China and the US have teamed up to launch a new fintech major in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance is cooperating with the New Jersey Institute of Technology to provide a new “fintech oriented” financial engineering undergraduate major.

Shanghai Lixin is reportedly the first tertiary institution in China to establish a fintech major, which is expected to cover the way in which emerging technologies such as big data, the blockchain and artificial intelligence interact with the finance sector.

The course has already obtained approval from the Ministry of Education, with the first set of 100 students set to commence study in autumn.

The new course is the only international cooperative educational project that the Ministry of Education approved for the city of Shanghai in 2018, and aims to “cultivate practical, comprehensive high-quality personnel by using the fintech specialisation advantages of the colleges, and innovating coordinated training mechanisms that combine education and industry.”

Shanghai Lixin was established in 2016 via the merger of the Lixin University of Commerce and Shanghai Finance University, the latter of which was first established by the Chinese central bank in 1952 as the Shanghai Banking School.