SPD Bank Teams up with Baidu and China Mobile to Create “Digital Person” for Its Mobile App


Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is teaming up with Baidu and China Mobile to create a “digital person” (数字人) as part of its new humanized user interfaces (HUI).

SPD Bank officially unveiled the digital person cooperative plan with Baidu and China Mobile at a press conference held in Shanghai on 23 April.

After first promoting API-based open banking 2018, SPD Bank said that it will further upgrade its customer services model in 2019 by developing the first virtual “digital person” for its humanized user interfaces (HUI).

SPD Bank’s digital person will be available for use with its mobile app, online bank and a variety of mobile terminals, as well as be available for integration into smart home devices.

According to SPD Bank the digital person will “enable users to obtain a completely new experience beyond their expectations, by using smart technology to impart new smart, personalised significance to financial services.”

The digital person is scheduled for release in October, and will be capable of “smart sensing, smart interaction and smart analysis,” possessing a trio of key features:

  1. Emotion sensing, and the use of facial recognition technology to detect changes in the mood of customers in real time, in order to make interactions and communications more natural;
  2. The use of big data to provide a rich information basis for decision-making by customers, and the use of natural voice processing, knowledge graphs, financial databases and data training to help customers engage in the detailed management of their personal assets;
  3. Use of deep learning to enable the digital person to provide services and accumulate service experience.

SPD Bank said it was responsible for launching the Chinese banking sector’s first “smart voice” banking app which enables users to access financial services on their mobile devices via verbal commands alone, free of the need to press keys or enter instructions manually.

The bank also teamed up with Baidu and China Mobile in 2018 to jointly establish a deep learning and 5G financial innovation lab, which has already made advances in the areas of smart voice services and customer service quality surveys.

SPD Bank, Baidu and China Mobile said they plan to further drive financial services upgrades, financial model innovations and financial site expansion in future.