China’s 5G Technology has Reached “Commercial Levels,” Scheduled for Nationwide Network Transfer Before December


The Chinese central government is touting the readiness of the country’s 5G technology amidst escalating trade tensions with the United States.

Wen Ku (闻库), head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s (MIIT) Information Communications Development Department, said at a routine press conference held by the State Council on 21 May that China’s 5G products are steadily maturing, and that “systems, chips and other segments have all basically achieved commercial standards.”

According to MIIT portable number network transfers have already been completed for 2 million users, with the next step being to drive companies to hasten network upgrades and testing, to ensure that portable number network transfer can be completed on a nationwide scale prior to 30 November this year.

China has already confirmed its 5G mid-band frequency plan and testing frequencies, as well as formulated related allocation plans. Key telecommunications enterprises will issue 5G deployment plans and actively engage in 5G testing, in order to drive network establishment.

The next step will be for MIIT to further improve the policy environment, support operators to undertake network establishment, drive relevant companies to strengthen coordination, and create a strong environment for 5G app development.

Chen Zhaoxiong (陈肇雄), MIIT vice-minister, said that portable number network transfer will require that China’s three foundational telecommunications companies implement upgrades of networks and operating systems involving 1.6 billion mobile users.

MIIT has already arranged for relevant companies to conduct tests of portable number network transfers in five provinces and municipalities, as well as indicate that it will push for companies to hasten system upgrades and testing.