Listed Lenders Account for Nearly 90% of Chinese Banking Sector Net Profits


Listed lenders continue to heavily dominate the Chinese banking sector.

The “China Listed Bank Analysis Report 2019” (中国上市银行分析报告2019) released by the China Banking Association on 27 June indicates that China is currently host to a total of 48 listed banks.

Four of them are global systemically important banks, while another nine feature in the ranks of Fortune 500 companies.

As of the end of 2018 the total assets of 47 of these listed banks was 178.67 trillion yuan, accounting for 85.10% of China’s sector wide total.

Their loan balance was 95.12 trillion yuan, for a 73.93% share of the sector total, while their deposit balance was 122.50 trillion yuan (75.51%).

The full year profits of China’s listed banks in 2018 were 1.63 trillion yuan, accounting for 89.07% of the net profits of China’s commercial banking sector.