Chinese Judicial System Pushes for Use of Blockchain-based Digital Evidence


A new report compiled by leading members of the Chinese judicial system has advocated the use of blockchain-based forms of electronic evidence.

The “Blockchain Judicial Evidence Deposit Application White Paper” (区块链司法存证应用白皮书) was released in Beijing at the end of June, following its joint drafting by 25 entities including six province-level supreme people’s courts and three internet law courts, under the guidance of the Supreme People’s Court’s Information Centre.

According to the white paper electronic evidence is a key area of potential application for the blockchain, given the technology’s key traits of security, traceability and resistance to tampering, all of which can increase the validity and reliability of electronic evidence.

The integration of the blockchain with electronic digital evidence will help to reduce costs and increase the convenience of evidential confirmation.

A figure from the Supreme People’s Court Information Centre said to state-owned media that the release of the white paper would have major guidance significance and reference value for the application of new technology to the judicial sphere.