Tech Majors Dominate Top Salaries for Chinese Graduates, Demand for AI Professionals Intensifies


New data on the salaries of Chinese university graduates three years after completing their degrees indicates that those who majored in software, internet and internet of things engineering are seeing the highest salaries.

A report from 21st Century Business Herald on the salaries of Chinese holders of bachelor’s degrees three years after graduating in 2015 further indicates that finance made the top ten list of university majors in terms of monthly incomes.

The field was nonetheless dominated by tech majors, with software engineering graduates enjoying a monthly average income of 11,032 yuan as compared to an average of 7,441 yuan for all bachelor’s graduates from 2015.

Top ten majors in terms of monthly income for China’s 2015 university graduates

  1. Software engineering: 11,032 yuan
  2. Internet engineering: 10,462 yuan
  3. Internet of Things engineering: 10,391 yuan
  4. Computer science and technology: 9,730 yuan
  5. Electrical science and technology: 9,280 yuan
  6. Information management and information systems: 8,970 yuan
  7. Information and computer science: 8,964 yuan
  8. Electrical information science and technology: 8896 yuan
  9. Architecture: 8,848 yuan
  10. Finance: 8,729 yuan.

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a key area of demand for Chinese university graduates, with 35 tertiary institutions in China launching AI majors in March of this year including Beihang University, Peking University and Tsinghua University.

Tech specialists in the area of voice and visual recognition are in especially high-demand, with graduates from 2019 expected to enjoy annual salaries of between 400,000 – 500,000 yuan, and master’s graduates commanding salaries of between 600,000 – 800,000 yuan.