China Construction Bank Opens Trio of 5G-driven Smart Banks in Beijing


One of China’s big six state-owned banks has taken the lead in launching its first group of 5G-driven smart premises in the national capital.

China Construction Bank (CCB) has opened three “5G+ Smart Banks” (5G+智能银行) for business in Beijing, consisting of the bank’s Qinghua Park branch, the Jianguo branch, and the Xingrong branch.

An executive from CCB said that its 5G+ Smart Banks can provide over three hundred forms of “regular, rapid financial services” to clients, while 5G technology is used to provide remote communications and transmission for new facilities including smart tellers machines, “financial space capsules,” smart furniture and shared spaces.

In addition to 5G-driven applications, CCB’s new smart banks also feature Internet of Things (IoT) technology that provides capabilities in the six areas of integrated premise IoT, remote control, service coordination, security coordination, risk control and data monitoring.