China’s Robo-advisory Market Expected to Reach 737.05B Yuan by 2022: Lufax White Paper


Ongoing fintech advances are expected to drive the size of the Chinese market for artificial intelligence-assisted wealth management to over 737 billion yuan within the next several years.

The “Smart Wealth Management 4.0: 2019 Global Smart Wealth Management Services White Paper” (智能理财4.0:2019全球智能理财服务分级白皮书) forecasts growth in China’s robo-advisory market to 737.05 billion yuan (approx. USD$107.26 billion) by 2022.

The white paper was jointly released by IResearch (艾瑞网) and Chinese fintech giant Lufax on 10 July.

According to the authors of the paper the use of artificial intelligence can help to resolve four key problems that have traditionally beset offline wealth management services:

  1. Imbalances between actual service supply and demand;
  2. Insufficient reliability of the wealth management recommendations provided;
  3. The impact of value orientation caused;
  4. Excessive reliance upon the client’s own knowledge and understanding.

The white paper also outlines a range of factors that make China the world’s most potentially competitive market for robo-advisors, including:

  1. Encouragement from regulators;
  2. Technical growth;
  3. Product diversity;
  4. Human resource limitations;
  5. Demand for personalisation;
  6. The rise of the middle-class.