Profits of Chinese Banks Expected to Hold Steady in 2019: China Banking Association


A new report from the peak industry body for the Chinese banking sector anticipates stable profits for 2019.

The “China Banking Sector Development Report (2019)” (中国银行业发展报告(2019)) released by the China Banking Association (中国银行业协会) forecasts “overall steadiness” in the operating performance of the banking sector this year.

While the operating environment for the Chinese banking sector continues to confront a range of uncertain factors, the report points out that the risk-control capabilities of lenders have continued to improve.

As of the end of 2018 banking sector financial institutions in China had domestic and foreign currency assets of 268.2 trillion yuan, for YoY growth of 6.27%.

For key listed banks non-credit assets saw a YoY decline of 7.80% as of the end of 2018, accounting for a 30.31% share of total assets for a YoY decline of 4.7 percentage points.