China Provides Huge Career Opportunities for Fintech Professionals: Hays plc


British recruitment giant Hays plc has highlighted the trove of career opportunities currently on offer in China’s fintech sector.

Simon Lance, managing director of Hays China, said to China Daily that professionals with expertise in both finance and technology are currently highly coveted by Chinese fintech concerns.

“Fintech offers career opportunities to people with experience in almost every area of banking and financial services, as well as experts in artificial intelligence, biometrics, cloud and big data,” Lance said.

According to Lance China is currently at the “cutting edge” of the fintech sector, which means career opportunities in the country are expected to abound for years to come.

“In China there are opportunities for skilled candidates across a wide range of fintech businesses, including banking, insurance, wealth management and payments services.

“For those already in the fintech industry, China offers great potential. And for those in banking and financial services – or with relevant technology skills – now is a good time to consider what your career could be in the fintech industry.”

Lance highlighted efforts by large-scale Chinese banks to create their own fintech subsidiaries, which will increase demand for data scientists, data security experts, user experience and user interface engineers, as well as full stack developers for mobile and web apps.