China’s Local Governments Embrace Blockchain Technology for Administrative Affairs


Local governments around China have launched initiatives for the application of blockchain technology to their administrative affairs.

In the first half of 2019 blockchain governmental affairs applications accounted for 20.3% of all blockchain applications in China according to a report from Sina.

In the second half of 2019 blockchain government affairs applications saw an increase of 59.3% compared to the first quarter, with provincial and municipal authorities around China making recourse to the technology for a broad range of purposes.

On 6 July the Longhua district of Haikou municipality in Hainan province launched the region’s first “blockchain + volunteer services project,” while on 20 June the Hangzhou internet court of law announced the launch of the “5G+ blockchain” implementation model.

On 13 June Guangzhou municipality launched its “Smart Bankruptcy Review System” (智慧破产审理系统), while on 7 June Chongqing municipality launched an online enterprise services website which makes use of both the blockchain and facial recognition technology.

Foshan municipality in Guangdong province and Xiongan New District in Hebei province are two of China’s leading hubs for governmental blockchain applications, each currently host to at least nine government blockchain projects.

Blockchain technology has been an integral part of Xiongan’s administrative and infrastructure systems from the outset, being used for funds management, construction project management, land and building leasing as well as local smart recycling devices.

Foshan municipality’s nine blockchain government projects cover industries including healthcare, food products and local industry.