China and US Lead Global Blockchain Financing Deals in First Half of 2019


Beijing, Guangdong province and Shanghai have emerged as the leading centres for financing of blockchain projects in China.

Data from research group 01Caijing indicates that the first half of 2019 saw 216 financing events in the global blockchain sector, for a decline of 34.15% compared to the preceding half.

These financing deals were worth a total of 16.537 billion yuan, for a contraction of nearly 73.51%.

China and the US were the leading countries for blockchain financing deals in the first half, accounting for 71 and 64 respectively. They were followed by the UK (19), Singapore (14) and Switzerland (6).

Japan, France and Germany were all host to four blockchain financing events, while South Africa oversaw three and Spain two.

Within China itself Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province were the leading centres for blockchain financing.

Beijing accounted for over 50% of China’s first half blockchain financing deals at 36 in total, followed by Shanghai with nine, and Guangdong province with seven.